‘I’m mostly proud of seeing the stores we help create and the success stories of our clients, along with watching the Shoplight and Studio R teams grow with happy, respected employees.’

‘I’ve always loved the fast-pace of developing retail stores and working with sometimes global brands to deliver their latest offering in great places’ said Mark, founder and MD of Shoplight.  Mark has a long history in the field of retail lighting, ‘My first job was as a sales engineer for Microlights where I developed my passion for lighting retail spaces.  I then spent 7 years with iGuzzini where I learnt lots from a great manager and had a great time’.  Mark did find however that during his time working for large, multi-national manufacturers there were frustrations, ‘In particular, the focus and commitment to retail lighting would shift and change.  This might be through management decisions, product development or in other ways but ultimately led to a disparate, disconnected offer’, said Mark.  ‘So, after 14 years working for other lighting companies I knew there was a better way to provide not only great lighting solutions but also a great service to retail clients and so Mel and I made the decision to form Shoplight’ said Mark. It’s been 5-years since Shoplight was formed and as the company has grown so has its client base.  ‘It’s been really rewarding that our first ever customer still works with us today and we’re really proud to have added so many great retailers to our list of clients over the years.  Of course, helping brands develop their lighting solutions so that they have a cost-effective but impactful lighting solution to roll-out is amazing. Equally, we’ve worked on many single flagship stores as well which represent a great achievement in a different way’ commented Mark.  These flagships are plentiful; from LEGO on Leicester Square to a flurry of flagship openings last summer for The Shop At Bluebird, Gentle Monster, Ralph Lauren and END Clothing, Shoplight’s reputation continues in the ascendancy.  This year we will provide the lighting solution for a new store on Sloane Street in London for Balenciaga, the luxury brand that forms part of the Kering luxury brand stable. ‘Our commitment to the retail industry is resolute’ said Mark. ‘Many of our competitors work across sectors which I know makes the decision to shift resource in to other areas such as office, healthcare or outside lighting often seem tempting. We believe in our clients and so, rather than move out, we are investing more and more in to our offer and services to ensure our clients can extract the absolute maximum from their lighting solutions and supplier’ Mark commented further. This includes the launch of Studio R and its participation at Retail Expo 2019 along with moving in to a larger premises in the Spring of this year. ‘Our new warehouse and office facility is 3-times that of our current space and will allow us to grow in a planned manner. We are also constantly reviewing the services we offer to our clients and our additional resource will help us deliver this over the coming months’ said Mark. ‘I’m mostly proud of seeing the stores we help create and the success stories of our clients, along with watching the Shoplight and Studio R teams grow with happy, respected employees’ said Mark. ‘When we started the company there were competitors who were very quick to tell me retailers wouldn’t buy from a small company and so there is a sense of satisfaction that we’ve proved this theory wrong and, as we continue to grow, we welcome more and more clients to Shoplight’.