Mel Shortland

As co-founder and Director of Shoplight, Mel has really enjoyed being part of developing the company. ‘My background isn’t in lighting and so I’ve taken a backseat to Mark (my husband and co-founder) when it came to developing the companies products and services’ Mel said. However, with a strong personnel management and customer service background, Mel plays a major role in the company. ‘I’m very much responsible for helping all of the Shoplight staff within all aspects of their daily roles.

Whether it be organising training courses, recruitment or planning the upcoming extension to the Shoplight premises, I very much like to be involved in the detail of the company’ continues Mel.

In addition to the above, Mel is also responsible for book-keeping which, as the company grows, is an increasingly important role. ‘I never thought I’d learn so much about accountancy software and the importance of good book-keeping’ Mel commented. Seeing Shoplight grow and working with some of the most amazing national and multi-national retailers has been a fantastic experience for Mel. ‘I don’t think Mark or I ever dare to dream that we would be working for some of the World’s most famous brands when we started the company 5 years ago but we’ve really enjoyed developing the company together and continue to look forward to how we can help our clients open great retail spaces’.