Service; it’s value-added, it’s great experiences, it’s enjoying every touch-point, it’s what makes you come back; it’s what drives us every day, to do better.

Our business was formed in 2014 and at the heart of our business was an understanding that our clients are unique. Each one is different and all are vastly distinct from other types of built environment. So our goal is the same today as it was then, to create an experience and service level that is tailored to our clients needs and that demonstrates an understanding of the specific requirements of rolling out retail and hospitality sites.

Profiled Stock-Holding

Core to delivering our clients needs is our commitment to holding the right stock for our clients at the right time. We’ll work with you and your teams to understand your forward demand and to ensure that we have the correct stock in our 6000 sq ft UK warehouse for you so that, when you need it, your programme is not held up by a delay in the delivery of light fittings. This is our commitment to you so what commitment do we ask in return?...just that if we do a great job you consider us your lighting partner for future stores, that’s all.


Our goal is to ensure that every step of your interactions with us is enjoyable and smooth. This doesn’t just mean our retail clients, it means their contractors and other professionals involved in the building of a retail store. We want your installers to feel great about us too which is why we label the boxes that house our products to match the drawing legend. No more trying to match up 15-digit codes, instead you want a type ‘A’ then you grab a box from the pallet with an ‘A’ on it and away you go!


Our job doesn’t end when the goods leave our warehouse, it’s our job to ensure they arrive safely at their destination ready for your installers. We operate our own fleet of vans manned by our reliable team members so that we only use the large national freight companies for small parcel deliveries.  If our own vans are otherwise engaged, we employ the services of a local haulier business who only provide door-to-door services in order to deliver the same, reliable service.


Of course our products need packaging to make sure they arrive safely and without damage. That doesn’t provide a reason however to accept that the same packaging has to end up in a skip and ultimately, landfill. So, when we deliver our goods in the UK you’ll notice our labelling asking your installation team to keep the packaging safe. That way, when we attend to carry out the light focusing, we’ll collect the packaging and have it safely recycled with our partner. A small commitment but we should all do what we can, right?

EU Stores

When the UK left the EU we refused to accept that we would shortly not be able to deliver in to the EU for our clients. We worked tirelessly with our accountants and business advisors to ensure we could maintain the same services to our clients as we had previously. The result of this is that we are a registered business in Holland as well as the UK and, with our Dutch warehousing facility in place, we can fulfil our clients needs either from the UK or Holland, whichever is appropriate. Why, because we know our clients want the same great lighting schemes whether their stores are in Munich or Manchester and its our job to make this happen.

Light Focusing

It’s so important that just before your store opens, any adjustable lighting is correctly positioned so that your products are perfectly lit and that the design intent is implemented. Other lighting companies leave this to your contractors or at best, their sales-force to deliver an inconsistent service. We believe this is one of the most important services we can do for our clients so we have a number of engineers who visit every store we supply to set the lighting as it should be. Our engineers are trained to deliver this service and (before the visit) work closely with our lighting designers so that they understand the design principles. They’ll work closely with your VM team at each store to ensure every person in your business is satisfied with the results.


We carefully choose the components within our products to not only ensure they perform well but so that they also last.  We support this by providing a comprehensive 5-year parts and labour warranty against all of our products.  We like to be clear so our warranty statement is a simple, single-page document that tells you what we’ll cover and what we can’t (it’s pretty much everything except labour attendance at airports!).  There’s no clever words, no wriggle room and you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to know if you’re products are still covered (we don’t count ‘burning hours’).  We just ask one thing; a simple email with a photo of the failed fitting attached and the store location, after that we’ll take care of getting the fitting replaced, free-of-charge for 5 years.  It couldn’t be easier!

Want to talk to us about how we can help your business? Tell us more about your needs and we’ll get in touch to start working towards your customised solution