Sustainable Lighting

Our environmental solution for a greener future

Now a best practice requirement

As the climate warms and the dangers to the planet increase, it is vitally important that all businesses do their part in acting in a sustainable way. This is widely regarded as of great importance to consumers who expect the brands with which they shop to behave in a responsible manner.

LED lighting has always offered the benefit of extended life to retail chains. However, like all electronic products, there are parts of each product that can be susceptible to failure, most notably the capacitors within the electronic drivers. It is for this reason that luminaire manufacturers limit their warranties to 5-years (typically) despite the fact that the LED chips will likely continue to outperform the warranty limit.

What happens when the warranty period expires, the store has a refurbishment or the retailer takes a new store space with LED lighting? Typically in the case of warranty expiration, the retailer will purchase a new product to replace the failed unit before disposing of the failed item. In the case of refurbishment, the lights will often be disposed of into landfill even though the majority of them may continue to work and the same is true of the new store space.

None of these outcomes are positive for the environment.

The environmental solution for a greener future

At Shoplight, we have taken this environmental initiative through the launch of Recycle, a service that extends the life of luminaires beyond their warranty and saving the environmental damage caused by replacing with new.

How it works

Step 1

A Shoplight engineer comes out to your store, removes your existing track spotlights and replaces with a loaned, temporary set of spotlights.

Step 2

Your spotlights are returned to us, where we then strip and replace the Electronic driver, LED module and associated wiring. The spotlights are then cleaned and re-assembled.

Step 3

The spotlights are taken back to your store, where our engineer installs and focuses them, before bringing the temporary lights back to us for use on the next Recycle project.

Step 4

Your re-worked spotlights are then given a brand new 5-year warranty.

And the benefits speak for themselves


The estimated cost of a re-worked fitting is half that of a new spotlight (depending on fitting type).


The new LED module and driver will typically reduce the energy consumption by 15-20% due to the improved efficiencies of new LED modules.


Based on a London store with 150 spotlights, a saving of 0.6 tonnes of carbon through transport would be saved per store compared to replacing with new.


75kg of light fittings, per store, would no longer be sent to landfill.


The removal of 26kg of packaging per store compared to new.


No commercial electrician costs for replacing fittings – estimated at around £250 per day plus related expenses.


Maintenance regimes are more easily costed with no large shocks.


No trading days are lost in the process to replacing with new.

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