Bio-Polymer Buy-Back Scheme

Engineered for continuous use and evolution

Our products made from bio-polymer materials aren’t just retail lighting fixtures; they’re engineered for continuous use and evolution within the dynamic landscape of retail spaces. Through their modular design and easily upgradeable or repairable components, these fixtures can seamlessly adapt to changing store layouts and brand requirements. Whether it’s adjusting colour temperatures, output, reflector beam angles, or even the colour of the fittings, our products remain versatile and responsive to our clients’ evolving needs.

Minimising waste in the retail sector

However, we recognise the practicalities property teams in the retail sector are facing. Store refurbishments and lease expirations are common and this, prompts the need for our products to be returned for recycling.

To mitigate this challenge and ensure minimal waste, we’ve optimised a recycling process in partnership with 3Devo. This collaboration empowers us to reuse components such as lamp-holders, track adaptors, heat sinks, internal screws, and wiring multiple times. Moreover, our technology allows us to shred bio-polymer parts and reform them into brand new products, significantly reducing landfill waste.

Take our NORT spotlight, for instance. We can reuse or recycle a staggering 86% of its parts and turn them into innovative new products. The work that has gone in to this demonstrates our commitment to sustainability throughout our product life cycle.

A buy-back scheme that enables
true circularity in retail lighting

To incentivise our clients to contribute to this circular economy, we are excited to announce our buy-back scheme which applies to all Shoplight products made from bio-polymer materials. Through this initiative, every returned bio-polymer product earns credit for the original purchaser. This credit can be put toward the purchase of a new bio-polymer product, encouraging a more sustainable approach to retail lighting.

Current credit values are:

  • NORT – £12 per fitting
  • NORT GS – £6 per fitting
  • Colt Bio – £6 per fitting

Not only do our bio-polymer products significantly reduce carbon emissions during manufacture and shipping, they lead the way in efficiency in retail lighting. And now, with the introduction of our buy-back scheme, ensuring our components stay in use, time and time again.