Sustainable practices in retail lighting

Introducing Circu-light

A new four-step circular scheme to encourage more sustainable practices in retail lighting. In an era where sustainability is paramount, Circu-light demonstrates our commitment to environmental stewardship which is at the forefront of our innovations.

Scrappage Scheme

Our scrappage scheme isn't just about offering discounts. It gives retailers a stepping stone into more sustainable lighting practices, and it demonstrates our commitment to advancing sustainable practices within the lighting industry. By participating in our scrappage scheme, retailers actively contribute to reducing landfill, reduce carbon emissions from production and shipping processes and move toward a more sustainable future in retail lighting.

Service Scheme

Our lighting products made from bio-polymer materials coupled with our comprehensive servicing solution provides retailers access to an annual maintenance programme that represents their commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and uncompromising quality. Elevate your retail store's ambience, reduce energy consumption, save costs, and maximise the value of your lighting fixtures with our holistic service agreement.

A buy-back scheme that enables true circularity in retail lighting

To incentivise our clients to contribute to this circular economy, we are excited to announce our buy-back scheme which applies to all Shoplight bio-polymer products. Through this initiative, every returned bio-polymer product earns credit for the original purchaser. This credit can be put toward the purchase of a new bio-polymer product, encouraging a more sustainable approach to retail lighting. Current credit values are:

• NORT - £12 per fitting
• NORT GS - £6 per fitting
• Colt Bio - £6 per fitting


We have invested in technology and machinery that allow us to shred bio-polymer parts and reform them into brand new products. This approach significantly reduces landfill waste, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable retail lighting.

of Circu-light


Earn Credits for New Bio-polymer Products


Comprehensive 5-year warranty on each product


Easy maintenance on bio-polymer fixtures with modular design


Significantly reduces landfill waste when recycling old products


Increase the use of recycling


Reduce Carbon Footprint


Eliminate the costs of purchasing new fixtures when you upgrade and recycle

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