Introducing NORT

For sustainably conscious brands, Nort is a bioplastic track spotlight made from plant-based polymers

An Industry Challenged: Our Solution to Cleaning Up Retail Lighting

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Three storeys of retail space were lit with END's discerning customers in mind

GAIL's Bakery

As an early adopter, GAIL's is embracing the environmental benefits of Nort

Our Products

Lighting track, spotlights, downlights, and linear fittings

Ace and Tate

Fellow B Corp Ace and Tate have refreshed their store with our high efficiency spotlights

We love shops. Shops provide an experience, they create memories and form the fabric of our communities. At Shoplight we provide lighting solutions that assist in creating innovative retail spaces to ensure a long-term future for bricks-and-mortar retail. As a certified B-Corp we are on a journey of continuous improvement - from governance to workers' rights, community to the environment, everything we do is being designed to ensure we are a force for good.

Our Clients

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