About us

We are Shoplight. We are a great team. We are your retail lighting partner.

Our mission

Lighting is what we do – our people, expertise and over 30 years of experience gives us a real advantage when it comes to lighting retail and hospitality spaces.

Totally dedicated to these sectors, we work directly with retailers, designers and their construction teams, designing the perfect lighting environments for retailers and their customers.

We are open to all projects and welcome fresh opportunities.
We are your trusted partner and will guide you with every step.
We deliver the highest quality in products and service.

As a Certified B Corp, our business is a force for good and we are committed to delivering a better future for our customers, team members, suppliers, our local community and the environment. 

Our people

Mark Shortland

Managing Director

Mel Shortland


Eoin Carroll

Lighting Design Manager

Sara Drawwater

Marketing Director

Megan Gray

Marketing Executive

Terry Vann

Warehouse/site focusing

Andrea Mulqueen

Operations Director

Rob Lewis

Business Support Manager

Denise Hawksworth

Sales Administrator

Samantha Adams

Lighting Designer

Ellie Paynter

Lighting Designer

Chris Crofts


Charlotte Elliott

Credit Controller

Adrian Bate

Warehouse Manager

Marcus Pearson

Warehouse Assistant

Sam Rose

Warehouse Co-Ordinator

Matt Carrington

Sales Director

Lucie Wadsworth

Business Development Manager

Our Responsibilities

We believe that people matter. Whether its our clients, their customers, our team members or people within our local community, we believe our business can be a part of a brighter future. Amazing retail lighting solutions is our common purpose but our responsibilities and goals are much bigger than simply supplying lighting fixtures to shops. Energy conservation is at the heart of our priorities and we strive to reduce the consumption of energy and the reduction of carbon emissions through our products, packaging and through great design.

Certified B-Corp

We are a certified B-Corporation which supports the values to which we hold dear. From governance to workers rights, community to the environment, everything we do is designed to ensure we are a force for good. Our people matter to us, which is why we have initiatives such as emergency loan schemes, profit sharing and membership of the Living Wage Foundation. To support our local community our team undertake paid volunteering days and we have a charity fund-matching scheme, ensuring the charities we support gain maximum benefit from their association with us. To reinforce our commitment to good, we have adopted the B-Corp mission lock, ensuring that we have a legal responsibility not only to our shareholders but to employees, local community and the environment.

Want to talk to us about how we can help your business. Tell us more about your needs and we’ll get in touch with a custom quote.