29 May 2024

A Decade of Growth and Innovation, and an Evolution of Roles

Exceptional Service and Leading the Way in Sustainability As Shoplight turns 10 we’re celebrating a decade of growth since Founders, Mark and Mel Shortland, set up Shoplight as an alternative to multinational lighting suppliers. Shoplight has become a brand synonymous with delivering exceptional service. The retail landscape is evolving fast and today our clients face […]
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22 March 2024

The Power of Purpose

There are moments in business, when there is an opportunity to turn things around and do something impactful. In this instance, it began with a cancelled order that held the promise of something truly magical. We had 400 modular luminaires, all packed up with nowhere to go. Instead of succumbing to disappointment and frustration, Managing […]
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1 March 2024

What it means to be a B Corp Certified Business

We are very proud to be a B Corp certified business. It is embedded within our ethos and supports the values to which we hold dear. From governance to workers’ rights, community to the environment, everything we do is designed to ensure we are a force for good. Our people matter to us, which is […]
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26 February 2024

NORT: A year on..

It’s been an incredible journey since we introduced NORT: our first UK-made, 3D printed biopolymer retail spotlight. As we mark its first anniversary, let’s reflect on the thoughts, innovation, challenges, and triumphs that went into creating this extraordinary luminaire. NORT’s impact extends beyond its own design, inspiring a shift in mindset across the retail lighting […]
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23 February 2024

Celebrating Two Years as a Living Wage Employer

Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate our second anniversary as a Living Wage Employer. Join us in reflecting on the significance of being a Living Wage Employer, exploring how it positively impacts team members and the success of our business. Why a Living Wage Matters: Our decision to ensure we pay a living wage was fuelled […]
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21 February 2024

Our Commitment to WEEE Compliance

We are proud to announce our partnership with Recolight and its dedication to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance. In this blog, we will explore what WEEE compliance entails, why it is crucial, and the actions we are taking to ensure it remains at the forefront of sustainable practices. Understanding WEEE Compliance WEEE compliance […]
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14 February 2024

The Circular Economy Approach: Rethinking Aluminium in Retail Lighting

This blog looks particularly at aluminium in lighting solutions and delves into the drawbacks of traditional aluminium retail lights, versus the potential of sustainable biopolymer blends. We’ll explore the positive contributions of biopolymer lights to a circular economy, and their role in reducing carbon footprint, energy consumption, and landfill waste. The Dark Side of Aluminium: […]
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25 January 2024

Meet James Bryden

James Bryden, the designer behind our groundbreaking biopolymer product range, whose journey from Coventry University, a career at Dyson, to founding Hexaᶟ® led him to Shoplight, resulting in NORT, NORT GS and Colt Bio coming to life, is nothing short of inspiring. The Dyson Years: A Decade of Design James’s career in design took off […]
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15 January 2024

From Waste to Wonder – A Landfill Waste Free Future in Retail Lighting

  Lighting that not only shines bright but does so sustainably. A new realm of innovative lighting solutions that don’t just light up your retail spaces, but cut down energy usage, reduce CO2 emissions and minimise landfill waste. These luminaires aren’t just your average retail track spotlights; they are eco-champions, paving the way towards a […]
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3 May 2023

Nort – The Future of Retail Lighting Launches at EuroShop 2023

Nort is our first sustainable biopolymer lighting solution, created to help our customers achieve their sustainability pledges and contribute to our journey to achieving net zero. Nort uses patent-pending VenTEC® airflow technology which ensures it does not overheat. NORT.m4v from Fourmation on Vimeo. What better time to launch than at Euroshop, the world’s number one […]
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22 December 2022

Shoplight and Flagship Partners Join Forces For a Charity Triathlon

Shoplight and Flagship Partners Join Forces For a Charity Triathlon One evening, whilst sharing a bottle of Prosecco, Mel Shortland of Shoplight and Maggie Rushmer of Flagship Partners came up with the idea of a great big charity triathlon. As long as it didn’t involve physical effort but did involve food and fun, they knew […]
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6 December 2022

Our Black Friday Give Campaign — why we chose to give to the Retail Trust

Our Black Friday Give Campaign — why we chose to give to the Retail Trust An anti Black Friday movement is brewing and we’re proud to be part of it. At first that might seem contradictory as we provide retail lighting. Afterall, our success depends on our clients in the retail industry doing well. However, […]
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