A Commitment to People and Prosperity

We've Been Living the Change for Two Whole Years!

23 February 2024

Two years ago, we committed to being an equitable and compassionate workplace by becoming a Living Wage Employer.

Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate our second anniversary as a Living Wage Employer. Join us in reflecting on the significance of being a Living Wage Employer, exploring how it positively impacts team members and the success of our business.

Why a Living Wage Matters:

Our decision to ensure we pay a living wage was fuelled by a deep-rooted belief in fairness, dignity, and shared prosperity. At Shoplight we see the Living Wage as a minimum baseline that we choose to go beyond. It’s more than just numbers on a payslip; it’s a commitment to recognising the value of every individual within our business.

Empowering Employees:

A living wage empowers people to meet their basic needs without the stress of financial instability. From housing, healthcare, and food to daily essentials, want our employees to be able to focus on thriving, not just surviving.

Boosting Morale and Job Satisfaction:

Happy employees make for a thriving workplace. Committing to paying team members well increases morale and job satisfaction and translates into a positive and energetic work environment.

Strengthening Local Economies:

By investing in our employees, we’re not just building a better workplace; we’re contributing to the health of our local economy. When people can afford what they need to meet an acceptable standard of living, they become active contributors to the community’s growth.

Challenging suppliers:

We have worked with suppliers of contracted services to ensure that individuals who come to our premises to carry out their work are paid a living wage as a bare minimum. This expands the reach of the impact we have and pays the benefits of the Living Wage forward.

The Ripple Effect:

Two years into this journey, the positive impact is clear:

Reduced Turnover: Our commitment to a living wage has resulted in no employee turnover from wages. The stability and security provided helps to create a team that is dedicated and invested in the long-term success of Shoplight.

Improved Health & Productivity:

Financial stress can hinder a persons’ mental health and productivity. By paying a living wage and having other systems in place to support individuals when they need it (like an emergency loan scheme) we can help lessen the burden of economic worries which increases focus, happiness, efficiency, and creativity in the workplace.

Positive Culture and Messaging:

Being a Living Wage Employer isn’t just about what happens within our walls; it’s about the message we send out to the world. Our commitment to fairness has become embedded in our culture, attracting customers and employees who share our values.

Looking Ahead:

As we celebrate this milestone, we ask other businesses to join us in the pursuit of a fairer, more compassionate work environment. Let’s make a collective commitment to pay a living wage, and create workplaces that uplift, empower, and thrive.

Thank you to our incredible team for making such a positive contribution to everything we achieve at Shoplight. Here’s to many more years of equitable growth, prosperity, and shared success!

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