The power of purpose

How 400 luminaires illuminate St Giles' stores

22 March 2024

Turning a cancelled order into something positive

There are moments in business, when there is an opportunity to turn things around and do something impactful. In this instance, it began with a cancelled order that held the promise of something truly magical.

We had 400 modular luminaires, all packed up with nowhere to go. Instead of succumbing to disappointment and frustration, Managing Director, Mark Shortland, took to LinkedIn, sharing the story of spare lights needing a home and purpose. In his post, he extended an invitation to charities, urging them reach out if they needed some retail lights. Nicola, Deputy Head of Retail at St Giles Hospice responded and reached out to Mark.

Lighting for St Giles Hospice shops

St Giles Hospice is a registered charity, caring for local people, and their loved ones, living with a terminal illness. The connection made on LinkedIn turned into a phone call, where Mark and Nicola shared stories of purpose and community. In the spirit of generosity, it was decided that we would donate all 16 pallets of lights to St Giles Hospice Shops Ltd, turning a cancelled order into a cascade of positive impact.

For St Giles, these luminaires weren’t just ‘lights’; they were symbols of resilience and sustainability, fitting seamlessly into their retail strategy, helping to create a sustainable impact.

St Giles Hospice, spend around £10million a year providing their specialist services and, with 25% of this funded by the Government, they rely heavily on donations and income generation from the local community – donations, fundraising, lottery funds, and revenue from their retail stores.

And now, lighting from Shoplight is set to play a starring role in St Giles’ refit program for 21 stores over the next 2-3 years.

Making change with generosity

The LED lights weren’t just about aesthetics; they are catalysts for change. In the heart of the hospice, where every pound counts, these lights promise to make a significant difference. Nicola, overflowing with gratitude, expressed,

“We are overwhelmed with the generosity of the donation of LED lighting units from Shoplight. The donation will support our refurbishment programme to upgrade our existing 21 stores to LED lighting, which in turn will enable us to be more sustainable into the future and lower our energy costs. This means an increase in financial contribution to support the work of St Giles Hospice in our local community”.

This wasn’t just a donation; it was a tale of kindness and sustainability, finding the right home for this cancelled stock rather than the worst-case scenario – it gathers dust, unused in a warehouse, or ends up in landfill.

The refit program wasn’t just about upgrading stores; it was a transformative journey toward sustainability, lower energy costs, and increased customer experiences in support St Giles’ impactful community work. As a B Corp certified business, we are proud to be part of this story – a cancelled order that turned into being a force for good.

And so, the story continues. We eagerly await the refit rollout, celebrating not just the success of this lighting donation, but also the success of St Giles Hospice and the work they do.

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