Nort – The Future of Retail Lighting Launches at EuroShop 2023

3 May 2023

Shoplight started 2023 with a bang, launching one of our biggest innovations to date.

Nort is our first sustainable biopolymer lighting solution, created to help our customers achieve their sustainability pledges and contribute to our journey to achieving net zero. Nort uses patent-pending VenTEC® airflow technology which ensures it does not overheat.

NORT.m4v from Fourmation on Vimeo.

What better time to launch than at Euroshop, the world’s number one retail lighting trade fair! It was a delight to see the vibrancy of the show, the vast crowds, and the buzz throughout every hall.

Cleaning up retail lighting

Did you know that the Building industry is responsible for producing over 60% of UK waste? (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2018)

With the combined ambition and design expertise of Hexa-Cubed, Fourmation and Mark Shortland, the Nort Spotlight was officially launched on 26th February 2023. Nort came about because we are aware of the environmental impact of using aluminium in lighting products and the carbon miles generated from transporting them. We know our clients want more sustainable lighting solutions that limit their negative impact on the planet and help them meet their sustainability pledges.

An environmentally responsible alternative for retail lighting

Nort gives retailers an environmentally responsible alternative to the existing lighting products on the market. By using Nort retailers can achieve high-quality retail lighting with strong environmental benefits:

  • By using biopolymer blends rather than traditional aluminium housing we can reduce carbon emissions during manufacture by up to 95%*
  • UK manufacturing and local 3D printing also reduce carbon footprint and unlock a zero-waste approach with on-demand printing
  • Use of a circular economy product that can be reused, recycled or composted and keeps materials in use for longer through its upgradable components

Nort light fittings in white, grey and NonOilen, and Nort information booklets displayed on a set of white drawers.

The Launch of Nort at EuroShop 2023

Members of the team headed to Düsseldorf to spread the word and were thrilled with the positive attention Nort received from existing and potential clients, and even competitors. Managing Director, Mark said “This made the headlines for me. It really did drive home how important Nort is for the future of retail lighting.”

Mark also said, “EuroShop 2023 demonstrated that physical retail is still alive and kicking, even after the effects of the pandemic.” Overall, physical retail has a dynamic future ahead, where experience, innovation, and sustainability will drive the next generation of retail stores.”

Nort is the first step in a journey towards creating zero-carbon products that have little or no negative impact on our environment which is why we are excited to already have plans to add to the range.

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