Track Fittings

Function, flexibility and performance


Function & Flexibility

Providing great functionality, maximum flexibility and high levels of performance, track mounted spotlights are often the perfect solution for many retail stores.  With a wide variety of reflectors, LED modules and styles, the Shoplight range can deliver everything from small, discrete spotlights delivering low levels of accent lighting in F&B environments, through to high power track spotlights for fashion stores and supermarkets. 

Different LED modules within our fittings allow for the perfect accent lighting for many different types of products; fashion modules for clear, crisp whites, bakery modules to make breads and pastries look beautifully fresh and lots of different colour temperatures for general accent lighting, the Shoplight range can deliver just the right colour rendering regardless of the type of store.  Finally, when a fixed reflector isn’t quite enough, our Zoom spotlight delivers any beam angle between 6 and 60-degrees delivering the exact right light distribution in every single store, all of the time.