Scrappage Scheme

The importance of additive manufacturing

The use of additive manufacturing or 3D printing, to craft luminaires is significant in combating carbon emissions generated during manufacturing and shipping processes for retail stores. By investing in alternative lighting products made from bio-polymer materials like NORT, NORT GS, and Colt Bio, we aim to lead the way in the retail lighting industry’s approach to sustainability. Unlike the traditional method of luminaire production, which results in excess material waste, 3D printing operates with the utmost precision, using only the necessary materials and energy required to minimise material waste.

Circular economy alternatives & principles

Our bio-polymer products come with components that can be easily upgraded or replaced and can be recycled in our facilities to create new fixtures. This is a significant step away from the old-fashioned ‘take-make-dispose’ approach, offering sustainable alternatives in retail lighting. Embracing additive manufacturing supports the reuse and recycling of materials, facilitates the creation of interchangeable parts and the recycling of fixtures. This contributes to a circular economy by closing the loop in our production process for retail lighting.

Embracing a new model

We want to assist our clients in transitioning toward a circular economy model. This shift from the conventional linear approach is made possible through our innovative scrappage scheme. The scrappage scheme enables retailers to return any non-LED products, regardless of the manufacturer, when purchasing similar bio-polymer alternatives from us. This initiative encourages recycling and offers a tangible benefit of a discount or credit on each new bio-polymer item.

Quite simply, order a new similar product made from bio-polymer materials from us, deliver any non-LED product made by any luminaire manufacturer to us, and receive a £5 discount or credit towards a new bio-polymer item.

For example, if you’re taking out 100 metal halide track spotlights, rather than throw them to landfill, return them to us to be correctly recycled. Plus, you’ll achieve a £500 discount towards your new Shoplight bio-polymer alternatives.

Note that to benefit from the discount, the scrapped fitting must correspond to the type of new bio-polymer fixture being purchased (e.g., recessed downlight for a new recessed bio-polymer downlight).

Achieving sustainable solutions through participation

By participating in our scrappage scheme, retailers actively contribute to reducing landfill, reduce carbon emissions from production and shipping processes and move toward a more sustainable future in retail lighting. As retailers opt for the scrappage scheme, and buy into more sustainable products, they actively diminish the demand for new unsustainable lighting fixtures. This collective effort contributes significantly to minimising carbon footprints and fostering a healthier planet for future generations.