Service Plan

Adding value beyond repairs

At the heart of any well-curated retail store lies the perfect lighting; a symphony that accentuates merchandise, navigates customers, and defines a brand’s essence. But how do we ensure that this brilliance endures beyond the initial installation? This is where our innovative lighting products made from bio-polymer materials come in. Carefully designed to retain their efficiency and allure throughout their lifespan.

Quality is paramount when it comes to our bio-polymer products. Backed by a 5-year parts and labour warranty, we guarantee comprehensive coverage for any component breakdown.  However, whilst this ensures any failed fittings are repaired, it doesn’t always mean that the lighting scheme continues to perform at its most efficient.

So, for a set annual charge of £15 per fixture, our servicing solution offers benefits that extend far beyond mere repairs:

  • Annual Maintenance: Each fixture made from bio-polymer materials undergoes an annual visit that includes refocusing the lighting scheme to accommodate for merchandise and display changes and preventing accidental illumination of empty spaces rather than intended displays, branding, or paths.
  • Component Repair/Replacement: The easily accessible modular design of our bio-polymer products means that any failed components can be easily repaired or replaced.
  • Hygienic Refresh: Our bio-polymer materials are dishwasher-safe so our track spotlights get a refreshing touch through an outer case deep clean which ensures a polished appearance.
  • LED COB Upgrade: Every 5 years, an LED COB upgrade is included. You have the option to swap a current standing COB for a new LED COB at the end of the agreement. Assuming the COB replacement results in an energy reduction, the service plan includes the re-programming of the driver to reduce the energy requirement of the fitting and the store.

Benefits beyond illumination

The advantages of our service agreement extend beyond lighting performance:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED COB advancements often result in energy savings of up to 40%. This results in substantial cost savings, making the service agreement a sound investment.
  • Increased Product Value: Products covered under the agreement have an increased buy-back value of up to 50%, providing a financial incentive for embracing sustainable lighting practices.

Cost-effective sustainability

At £15 per bio-polymer product annually for a 5-year agreement, our service plan ensures lighting excellence and pays for itself through energy savings and increased product value.

Our lighting products made from bio-polymer materials coupled with the comprehensive servicing solution represent a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and uncompromising quality. At the same time, your brand can elevate your retail store’s ambience, reduce energy consumption, and maximise the value of your lighting fixtures with our holistic service agreement.