Warranty Statement

 Shoplight Ltd offer a warranty against all fixtures and associated components supplied by us when used within retail environments. These are classed as; 

– Buildings used for the sale of goods to the general public 

– Hotels 

– Leisure facilities 

Please note: the labour part of our warranty is not extended to airside retail stores within UK airports, stores not located within the UK mainland, or any other locations where the time required to gain access to the store is deemed to be prohibitive. 

Scope of Cover 

This warranty applies to both traditional and LED light sources but differs depending on the technology used; 

LED – where LED fixtures are used the warranty covers a period of 5 years from the date of the dispatch of the goods from our UK warehouse. This 5 year period includes all components supplied as part of the fixture and includes any associated labour required to fix or replace the goods (see exclusions above). 

Traditional Lamp – where ceramic metal halide or fluorescent technology is used, this warranty covers the lamps for a period of 12 months and all other components for a period of 5 years from the date of dispatch from our UK warehouse. Associated labour is included for a period of 2 years from the date of dispatch however this does not cover lamp failure and any visits undertaken to replace failed lamps will be charged back to the end user. 

Reporting and Claims 

Any failures within the warranty periods detailed above should be reported, along with a photograph of the failed fixture to; 


Where component failure occurs and is not covered by the labour aspect of our warranty, the failed part should be returned back to Shoplight Ltd (carriage to paid by the end user). After inspection, if the unit is deemed to have failed under the terms of the manufacturer warranty then a repair will be undertaken or, if this is not considered economical by Shoplight, a replacement part shall be dispatched. If the original unit is obsolete then a replacement will be sent which will be as close as possible in specification to the original unit but may not be an exact match. 

Where the failed part is covered by our labour warranty, Shoplight or its nominated maintenance partner, will attend to repair or replace the unit within 10 working days from acknowledged receipt of notification of the failure. 

Warranty work will be undertaken between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Any requests for visits outside of these hours may incur a charge to the end user. 

Access equipment required for heights up to 4m above finished floor level is included within this warranty. Where fixtures are positioned at a height of over 4m, any specialist access equipment will be charged for. Should warranty work be undertaken where it is clear to our engineers that the fault has occurred due to installation error, details of this will be passed to the end user along with the total cost for the visit. 

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