In any retail space, a good aesthetic is key for driving footfall and sales.  Conversely, a poor appearance can prevent potential customers from even entering the space, as they’ll prefer to pick a destination that looks pleasing to the eye.  A well-lit window display and inviting lighting can be the difference between a customer stepping foot in your outlet, or not. First impressions matter.

Lighting is a crucial component in any retail environment because it is the most effective way of focusing attention on key merchandise lines, enticing people to take that first step through the door. Well designed lit environments encourage that footfall.  Having attracted customers into the store, the retailer can control ambience created inside, curating the experiences they want to create. As a result, retailers are rewarded with good customer sales and engagement levels.

In order to understand this in detail, consider the shopping experience of the customer. Considered lighting will guide people through the retail space and evoke an emotive reaction to their experience.   For example, a tailored lighting design can enhance a relaxing atmosphere or create something altogether more exciting, depending on the desired experience.  It will highlight key products, promotions and displays in order to boost sales opportunities.  Good lighting says ‘this product / space is worth seeing / experiencing’, without using a single word.

As well as highlighting key promotions and products, good lighting is very important in other parts of a retail space. For example, the fitting rooms of any fashion-based outlet should be very well lit, creating a true image of the customer, thereby driving buying decisions. Strategic lighting around transaction areas make sure the final stage of the shopping experience is clean and uncomplicated. The entire lighting package should be coordinated to fulfill the design brief, whether that’s a clean and holistic look or the creation of key differences across a retail space.

It’s not just imperative for good sales.  There’s also a strong link between good lighting and employee productivity. A happy, productive and energised workforce will deliver better results for any business – they’ll feel better and therefore deliver a positive customer experience adding to an altogether superior experience for customers.

We know that every retail space is unique, which means it requires a bespoke lighting solution that depends on a variety of factors from sector to target consumer. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to retail lighting and finding the perfect fit for each retailer is what we’re passionate about. It’s why every project we undertake is treated individually and created from scratch to ensure the best possible lighting solution.

The importance of lighting in a retail environment is so much more than simple illumination. It can be the difference between moderate and heavy footfall; poor or great sales levels; and negative or positive overall shopping experience. So it’s definitely something that’s worth investing in.