Ambient lighting

There’s countless combinations of lighting sources, styles and designs that can accentuate your retail space, and the key is finding the right ones for your business. Often, there’s also the need for completely bespoke creations to meet the ever-evolving needs of the retail market.

The mass of options available can be grouped into three primary types of lighting and when you have a concept that effectively uses the ones best suited to your business, you’re well on the way to a successful lit environment.  The next step is finding out how best to implement them, which is where professional lighting specialists like us can help.

The primary types of lighting solutions in retail are:

Ambient Lighting: for creating broad, bright light

Big, open plan stores which house hundreds or even thousands of different products will often rely on ambient lighting as their only source of light. Ambient lighting is the ‘general’ lighting that usually runs throughout an entire store, creating a base level of light.  Bright, clean, and even, it is intended to illuminate shops and products uniformly. Predominantly ambient lighting schemes are best in stores with a huge offering because there are so many products to see, especially when their experience is usually a short one to meet a specific need, for example a supermarket or chemist.

Accent Lighting: for focusing attention

Most retail stores will use accent lighting in at least part of the space because it draws attention to the things that need to be noticed: key merchandise lines.  Proper accent lighting will physically illuminate a product or display and guide the eye there.  Accent lighting serves another important function: creating variance in light levels and therefore visual interest.

Without accent lighting, it is very difficult to create an interesting, atmospheric space.  Lighting within shelving units is also considered accent lighting, and it should be noted that research shows products are twice as likely to be picked up from a shelf when it has lighting within it than those without.

Accent Lighting - shelving
Accent lighting

Decorative Lighting: for crafting or reinforcing a brand aesthetic

Decorative lighting is not to be undervalued, as the visual appearance and aesthetic of a retail space is very important – first impressions count. Decorative lighting can come in many forms such as exposed lamps, chandeliers and pendants, wall lights and more – and they can all reinforce the way you want your shop to look.  While decorative lighting might not illuminate a store, it does set the tone and mood of the space, which is incredibly important too.

Decorative lighting

Considering all of the above when choosing your own bespoke solution is vital. Get in touch with us today and we’ll guide you in the process and create a custom solution designed to maximise your business.