Our Charity and Volunteering Commitments for 2022-23

Looking down on a smiling woman being pulled up with a helping hand

31 August 2022

Being a force for good runs deeply within the fabric of the Shoplight culture. We want to contribute to the communities we operate in. We want to make an impact, create change, and move in a direction that is better for people and planet.

For clarity and transparency here is what we have committed to in 2022-23:

  • Donate 2% of our profits to charity

  • Our team nominated then voted for Macmillan Cancer Support as our national charity and Embrace Child Victims of Crime as our local charity. Each charity will receive 1% of our profits, paid out to them at the end of our financial year.

  • Support 2020 Change, an organisation which seeks to change the fact that unemployment affects young black people disproportionately.

    We have donated £4,700 to sponsor 10 candidates on the 2020 Change, I AM CHANGE programme which helps young people discover and fulfil their potential. An impressive 60% of I AM CHANGE candidates gain new employment within 3 months of completing the programme!

    5 members of the Shoplight team will also provide mentorship through the 2020 Change Mentor Matcher programme.

  • Give at least 50 days of our time via two paid volunteering days for the 18 people that make up the team. 

  • Embed the OnHand App as the tool we use to help us manage our volunteering and climate action. The Hero Points Leader board is already becoming a topic of conversation among team members and becoming rather competitive! The result is eco and social education, action and impact. 

We are excited to continue sharing the work our team is doing and to leave a positive imprint on the lives of people in the communities around us.

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