Over twenty years in the business has taught us just how important it is to plan and brief a lighting design carefully. Throughout the process we’ll support you and your team with specialist planning tools and expertise.

We understand how important lighting design can be to any retail store; it is the difference between success and failure. To that end, we offer a multitude of different services from conceptual lighting design with our sister brand Studio R, through to technical lighting drawings, lighting calculations, renders and energy reports. These services are an integral part of our offer at Shoplight and gives you the benefit of working with an experienced lighting designer at no extra cost.

We don’t allow ourselves to be restricted to our own product range. If we believe the best product for your lighting solution requires something different from our standard products, we’ll provide a specification so that we can either adapt a standard product or produce a bespoke fixture.

We’ll guide you through the process and make sure that you consider every detail that could have an impact on the success of your new store lighting.

Using a suite of specialist industry techniques that may include Dialux lighting designs, AutoCAD drawing layouts and 3D renders; our design team will then begin to build up a lighting solution for your store. They’ll also pay due and careful attention to energy reports and building regulations part L2.

As well as assessing the technical benefits of any lighting solution we provide to our clients, we also are able to provide detailed lighting renders which allow all stake-holders to fully understand the lit effect that will be provided once the lighting solution has been installed.

Using Dialux Evo and Google Sketch Up, our renders produce a true simulation of how light behaves in the real world. The built-in materials library along with our luminaire library represent actual lights and finishes used when building your design in real-life. Furthermore, our renders allow us to aim lights accurately, change output (if you have a dimmable lighting solution), colour temperature and other standard properties so that we can demonstrate accurately how different options may affect the overall lighting solution.

And of course, with Shoplight, this is all built-in to our luminaire supply cost so no extra lighting design fees…

Because we want your new lighting solution to be a big success for your retail business, we go one step further too and support all new lighting solutions with a Shoplight ‘Design Guarantee’.

Put simply, this means that, if when our products have been installed, any areas of our solution do not meet the lighting levels specified in our design, we will supply any additional fixtures needed to put things right, free of charge*.

*Provided that the major elements of your store (layout, merchandise etc) remain unchanged.

Shoplight Design Guarantee

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We understand how important it is to ensure that stores are built and handed over on time. This is why, in our UK warehouse, we hold profiled-stock for every one of our retail clients. With good customer service and excellent logistics, we can deliver most of our products the next working day.

As part of our service promise, we make it as easy as possible for you to order solutions from us.

You can either place a purchase order directly with us (or through a third party supplier, maybe a shopfitter or an electrical contractor), or confirm your order using our online quotation acceptance tool.

If you prefer to spread the cost of your investment, lease purchasing is possible too.

Using cloud-based software wherever possible, we provide a completely flexible approach to invoicing. We can work ‘paperless’ or provide a traditional paper invoice at the end of each project – we’ll do what suits you best.

At the end of every project we’ll also provide a report so that you can track any additions or omissions to your costs from the point when your initial order was placed.

When you commission Shoplight to provide a lighting solution for your store, our senior management team will assemble a team of professionals with the best experience to manage your project smoothly and successfully.

You’ll have a dedicated UK contact that you can call 24/7 and, should you ever need to, you’ll also be able to liaise with contacts in key departments such as lighting design and technical.

So whenever you have a question, you’ll always be able to speak with someone who already knows everything they need to know about your project and your business.

We take extra care with product referencing and labelling. Our products are all packaged and cross-referenced against the lighting layout drawing, so if the drawing specifies a ‘Type A’ product, the product will be labelled as ‘Type A’ – making identification and installation straightforward.

All of the components required for a specific fitting type are, wherever possible, placed inside the same box. Unlike many other manufacturers, our products come fully wired with the LED driver already wired to the fitting too. So, when the electrician opens the box, he simply has to place the fitting into the ceiling.

Every pallet includes a delivery note and layout drawing – so your contractor will always have the information he needs to hand.

Wherever possible, we also use easy installation features (for example Wieland connectors on recessed products) to help reduce the time that your installers need to fit the light fittings.

Shoplight are unique in our market in that we employ our own focusing engineers to ensure complete consistency when focusing our clients lighting solutions.

Once the installation has been completed and you’re almost ready to open the doors, we’ll visit your store to focus and set up the lights so that your lighting looks as good as we all intended it to.

Unlike other lighting companies, once you’ve made your VM tweaks, we’ll even come back and do it all again after you’ve been trading your store for a few weeks – at no extra cost too. This level of extra care is just part of the Shoplight service.

At Shoplight we have every confidence in the high quality of our products. We appreciate though that any new lighting solution represents a significant investment to a retail business. Therefore to show our appreciation for the business you place with us, we offer a 5-year parts and labour warranty on our fixtures.

In keeping with our customer–focused culture we make our manufacturer backed warranty so easy to use. Instead of asking you to fill in a complicated online registration form, we simply log the date of supply for each project and the warranty expires 5 years later, simple as that.

As part of our commitment to doing our part for future generations, we are unique in offering our clients a packaging recycling programme. This free-of-charge service allows our engineers to collect the packaging for our products when they visit each store to carry out the focusing service. The packaging is returned to our head office where we then work with our recycling partners to ensure the packaging is responsibly disposed of.

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