In an ever-changing industry, retail is quite often at the forefront of interior design trends as brands search for better ways to market their business and sell their merchandise in physical stores. A storefront can no longer be left looking lacklustre, so to entice customers a retail space needs to be alluring, flattering and draw people in.

It is highly beneficial now for a store to offer an experience in order to drive sales.  As a result, interior design has become an integral part of the process of creating a retail space – certainly more so than ever before.

Lighting within retail is essential to trade. (Read our previous post on The importance of lighting in retail.) Not only does it give you the physical ability to showcase your merchandise, but it creates an ambiance for shoppers and a more positive work experience for staff. With great lighting solutions, stores can thrive. With poor ones, they can struggle. Lighting can be the difference between high profits and just fighting the competition. This is why we’re dedicated to bringing the best bespoke solutions to all of our clients.

Previously, lighting has often been deemed to be a wholly separate part of the design and construction process to interior design.  In order to create the best space, both need to work together. Designers want to chase a ‘look and feel’ of the space and this can often mean certain technology doesn’t fit with their concept. At Studio R we’re passionate about being involved as early as possible with the design teams to ensure that a vision for the space can be achieved. Ultimately the aim for both lighting and interior design is the same: to create inspirational environments and increase sales.

Rather than placing a greater importance on either lighting solution or interior design, we feel that there is an importance in both working together in partnership. We offer technology-focused solutions that work hand-in-hand with design trends at the forefront of what’s popular, modern and trend-led. Which means a bespoke lighting solution from Studio R will meet the needs of all teams involved in creating the perfect retail space.

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